Interactive Video

About this Project:

Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) enables entrepreneurs, predominantly – but not exclusively – women, to develop a business plan and start their own businesses, and to master the challenges that come with running their own business. Through classes, consulting programs and even small business loans, the non-profit organization supports their clients in their endeavors.

This video showcases Maria Durant, a WEV client who has benefitted from various WEV services and is now running a successful dance studio in Thousand Oaks, CA. In a very personal testimonial, Maria contributes her success to the training she has received through WEV.


About Interactive Video:

Interactive video uses code to access current content from the web and allows you to embed links into a video that take the viewer to specific information on the web. This allows you to connect up-to-date information to a video without having to create a new video. What is more, embedding social media components, such as a feed from your Facebook or Twitter accounts (or an RSS feed of your blog) will contribute your latest information directly into the video without the viewer having to click away from the project.

When the viewer clicks on a link that is embedded into the video, said link will open in a new tab or window and the video pauses until the viewer returns and  resumes the video.

To learn more about interactive video, or to explore how interactive video might best support your endeavors, contact us here.