Our Work

  • Reel

    Check out a short compilation of various projects we have been working on.

  • Fun in a Kilt

    Follow the adventures of Tam McSpew, a prickly piper, on a seemingly ordinary day...

  • Cause Marketing

    Find recent examples of Media M8's cause marketing projects here.

  • Motion Graphics

    Within corporate education and training, motion graphics play an important role in transmitting information visually. (Click to read more...)

  • Interactive Video

    An interactive video uses code to embed current content from the web into the video and allow the viewer to access specific content through links(Click to read more...)

  • Hiroko Yoshimoto

    Visual artist Hiroko Yoshimoto - stressing the primacy of art over message - provides insight (Click to read more...)

  • Video Portraits

    Short documentaries about artists and the creative process.

  • Documentary

    Our documentaries focus on local and global community issues, the creative process and finding inspiration.

  • Corporate Communications

    Look at marketing projects, image films, and other corporate communication videos.