We are happy to offer a variety of media production and postproduction services that we gladly tailor to your specific needs. If you are unsure about what it is that might benefit you most, we can help design a product most suitable to you. Here are some of the standard services we provide:

      company video profiles

Show your company’s goals, vision and business philosophy in a compelling and engaging way. Allow your clients, your investors, or your community to understand the benefits you provide to them.

      executive/artist portraits

Your clients or patrons want to know who you are and understand the creative thinking behind your work. Build trust by sharing what drives you and your products or services.

      cause marketing

Are you a for-profit or a non-profit passionate about your business, deeply committed to a particular cause, and have a story to tell? Do you want to build awareness and increase positive sentiments about your company/brand and the benefits of your products and/or services? By appealing to your clients’ values – be they social, environmental, or both – cause marketing can increase engagement with your clients, provide additional marketing opportunities, improve your PR, and can lead to an increase in revenues or donations.

      training videos

Do you need to provide specific information to your employees by law? Do you want to guide your clients or employees on how to use, setup, or install your product or service? A training video can be an effective and compelling way to communicate essential information.

      corporate communications

Thrill your stakeholders by sharing your progress through engaging and stunning visuals that add life to the numbers in your annual report. Add punch to your fundraising efforts by putting a face and personal story to the cause you believe in.

      motion graphics

Liven up factual presentations or training materials using motion graphics. Let us design and animate your next presentation, make your logo move, or build an engaging lecture.

      documentary film and short film projects

You have the perfect documentary subject and want someone produce the film? We can help you mold your story, pre-produce the film, or complete the entire project.

      multimedia documentaries

Combine the most effective traits of photography, video, and audio into documentary projects with heart and soul. Tell the story of your company event, breakthrough, or accomplishment in a short and web ready multimedia project.