Your M8’s

Darlene Anderson

As producer and director, Darlene finds the heart of every project and carefully guides the production and post-production teams to express the soul of a project. Understanding your values and vision, she is able to express the essence of your message in high quality and compelling projects. Darlene holds a degree in Philosophy, taught at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and graduated from the Women’s Economic Ventures program.

Jürgen Gottschalk

Jürgen, born and raised in Munich, Germany, contributes to Media M8 as cinematographer, editor, and motion graphics designer. Having taught at Brooks Institute and other film schools around Southern California and the UK, he heads our educational programs and is always open to discuss creative challenges. Jürgen continues to pursue the beauty of light, new camera systems, and post production workflows, especially as related to contemporary distribution formats.

Scott Miles

Seasoned professional photographer and passionate video producer Scott lends his East Coast charm and unshakeable professionalism to Media M8’s productions. Scott’s understanding of all aspects of composition, lighting, and style prove him to be an invaluable asset to any visual endeavor. He “graduated” from the program director’s position of the Professional Photography program at Brooks Institute (do you sense a pattern, yet?) and still contributes his expertise  in the realm of scientific and studio photography to Brooks students.