Our Process

At Media M8 we follow a straight forward, yet flexible timeline of events when creating your project. We strive to make this process as transparent as possible to allow you to follow and engage in the process as much or as little as you prefer. Following this workflow helps us to stay on schedule and on budget and is our confession that little actual magic is involved in producing your project.

1. We help you choose a particular format that works best for your needs.
Here you will decide what type of project will best suit your need. Will you benefit most from a web video that your clients access through a link on their computer or QR code from their mobile device? Will your audience require a physical copy of the video, such as a DVD or memory stick? Do you need to track views for marketing or legal compliance reasons? These are just some of the questions we will discuss with you in the initial stage of the project.

2. Together, we identify who will be watching and benefitting from the video (target audience).
Determining who will watch your project is a crucial and frequently overlooked element of the process. While we all would prefer that “everybody” be our audience, focusing on more specific demographics will help determine a visual style, general tone, and distribution channels for the project.

3. We write a script and create budget for your project(s).
Generally, we tailor a budget to your specific project, rather than charge flat fees. Flat fees tend to be worse for you than for us. The budget is largely controlled by how many filming days there will be and how long it will take to edit your project. If there is any specialty equipment involved, or if music licensing is required, you will know about the costs before the project starts.

4. We film and edit the project keeping you abreast of the progress which is driven by specific delivery dates.
Through our Client Lounge, you will be able to follow the progress of your project from start to finish. You will have access to documents, such as script, production reports, production photographs, and you will be able to review versions of the project as they become available.

5. We present you with a first version of the project allowing you to propose changes. The first version of the project will be as close to the script and project proposal as discussed during the planning stage. Yet, sometimes small changes might be required. We find that this mostly happens when factual information changes between production and edit. You will be able to provide feedback and request changes during this stage. Unless additional filming will be involved, most adjustments are easy to implement.

6. You will receive the final version of the project.
You will receive the final version of the project in a format most useful to you. We’ll keep source files and edited projects for a time, in case you ever need to refer back to it.

7. Feedback.
Your feedback is important to us. We will request that you provide us with information about how you perceived the process, the final product, and working with us. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible and strive to improve relentlessly.